We would like to invite you to join Sophos for their upcoming “Cyber Security Awareness” webinar series. Keep up to date with the latest news about products, security issues and much more with these useful webinars brought to you by the experts at Sophos.

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Catch The Phish! How to avoid the phishing net

Tuesday 5th November at 11am

Phishing emails are the most common cyber-threats affecting organizations today. As cyber crooks continue to improve and perfect their techniques, your users are more vulnerable to attacks than ever.

Join this webinar to learn more about the latest phishing techniques and get practical tips to help your organisation avoid getting caught in the phishing net. The webinar will cover:

  • The most common type of attacks
  • Latest trends in phishing
  • How to minimize the risk of phishing for your organisation

Managed Threat Response: Keeping the Human in the Loop

Tuesday 5th November at 2pm

Join the experts at Sophos to find out how the MTR service goes one step further. Unlike other managed services who simply notify you of potential threats, leaving you to fix the problem, Sophos takes targeted actions on your behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated and complex threats.

Ransomware is Back with a Vengeance

Tuesday 12th November at 11am

Ransomware is living its best life, making headlines week after week. Two in three organisations fell victim to a cyberattack in 2018 which proves traditional anti-malware is not enough.

Join this session to learn how intelligent endpoint detection and response is helping you stay safe during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Find out:

  • The impact of ransomware on organizations
  • Common ransomware attack methods
  • How artificial-intelligence and EDR protect against the widest range of threats

Three Lies You’ve Heard About Threat Hunting (And One Thing That’s True)

Tuesday 19th November 2019 at 11am

The term “Threat Hunting” doesn’t deserve to be placed on the security buzzword bingo board alongside terms like “artificial intelligence,” “real time,” and “next-gen,” to name a few. Unfortunately, its meaning has been co-opted and corrupted by marketers, making it difficult for those looking to add Threat Hunting capabilities to their security program to really understand what they should be looking for.

In this session, Mat Gangwer, Director of Managed Threat Response, breaks down the three biggest lies being told to sell Threat Hunting as a service. Featuring real-world examples of what really goes into a Threat Hunt, this session will set the record straight and prove that—despite the marketing hype—the concepts, process, and strategies associated with Threat Hunting are critical to any successful security program.

Protecting Your Network from Encrypted Threats

Tuesday 26th November at 11am

Encryption of network traffic is rapidly approaching 100% creating an enormous blind spot in your network security that hackers and malware authors are already starting to exploit. And with most Firewall solutions unable to adequately handle this challenge, many organizations are left powerless to do anything about it -leaving them vulnerable to attack.

In this session, Sophos will look at the challenges with ever increasing network traffic encryption and what you should be looking for in your next Firewall to protect your network from this growing threat vector.

7 Uncomfortable Truths of Endpoint Security

Tuesday 3rd December at 11am

Join this webinar to discover what 3,100 IT managers had to say when it comes to endpoint security.

Find out the challenges they face, what keeps them up at night, and their experiences with endpoint detection and response (EDR) technologies.

Highlights include:

  • Where most cyberattacks are discovered
  • Why IT teams struggle to plug their security gaps
  • How much time is lost each month investigating non-issues

The Seven Uncomfortable Truths of Endpoint Security reveals deep insights into today’s cybersecurity challenges. Register to attend and see how your organization stacks up. 

Orchestrating the Chaos with Sophos Central

Tuesday 10th December at 11am

How can you stay safe from attack when your attack surface has never been larger? Countless devices, numerous different operating systems, and data all over the place. It’s no wonder far too many organisations head the headlines due to failings in their security.

Sophos Central, the industry’s pioneering cybersecurity platform, unifies all the products and technologies you need to protect yourself from modern, targeted attacks into a single, coherent, astonishingly easy-to-use, cloud-based system. No more console hopping, no more blind spots, no more breaches. Endpoint, Server, Email, Web, Firewall, Wireless, Cloud Infrastructure, User Awareness Training, Attack Simulations, and more… All in one place, designed to be used together. No huge teams required.

See the power of the Sophos Central platform and how it is redefining what it is do security and be secure.