What is Exchequer?

Exchequer is a commercial system which allows you to gain complete control over your financial accounting and related organizational processes, whilst maintaining a multi-dimensional view of performance.

What Does Exchequer Do?

Designed to help professionals to drive performance through efficiency, Exchequer provides real-time reporting, specialist sector functions for individual industry needs and financial management.

Advanced Exchequer can also configure and adhere to workflow designs and procedures. Ideal for pre-planning, Exchequer can also anticipate demand for stock and resources

Use Your Time More Wisely

Directors of SMEs are faced with enormous pressures and are required to juggle many different priorities from running the business effectively, meeting KPIs and key objectives, whilst ensuring performance transparency and reporting to key stakeholders.

Ideal for small to medium sized enterprises, Exchequer has been developed to improve and automate processes, saving time, money and effort, allowing users to spend their time more wisely.

Exchequer has also been designed to be scalable as your business grows.

Integration and Configuration

With the help of a system’s integrator such as Minerva, Exchequer’s ability to integrate with other systems makes it a first choice for many businesses.

There is also a configurable importer so you can import figures and transactions from other systems to ensure consistency and error-free transfer of information. This saves time and prevents duplication.

Its open architecture also means that it can be configured to suit bespoke requirements.

Better Reporting

Exchequer can be integrated with Panintelligence for enhanced reporting. Reporting enables you to analyse important data, identify strengths and weaknesses of the business whilst also highlighting potential opportunities and areas for growth. This valuable information contributes to better, more- informed decision making.

Exchequer Mobile

A fully integrated Exchequer mobile application is also available, providing instant access online to a variety of self-service functions, whilst on the move.

More Information

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