Struggling with rigid, inflexible reporting?  Manipulating mountains of data in Excel?

Exchequer Analytics is a Business Intelligence dashboard which allows you to view all your data in a single location in an instant. It’s so easy to explore your data with highly visual charts and graphs that helps you focus on the important items in your data. You can automate reporting and schedule reports to distribute to your team saving time and money.

You can also connect up data from multiple companies, third-party data and any other databases in your business all in one place.

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You will see how easy it is to see:

  • All your Exchequer data in one place
  • Different views of the same data for your teams
  • Interactive dashboards with drill-down and filtering
  • Exception reporting to highlight opportunities and problems
  • Trended data to improve forward planning and forecasting
  • Sales KPIs bu company, customer, account manager or product
  • Pending, won and delivered orders to identify quotes to chase
  • Margins and profitability by company, customer and product
  • Stock levels by product line to eliminate supply problems

Exchequer Analytics allows you to see how your business is performing 24/7. It’s easy to set up and will be ready and running in a day.

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For further information about Exchequer Analytics, you can download the factsheet here or contact us on 01707 607100.