A new era of endpoint protection

Sophos Intercept X ushers in a new era of endpoint protection for modern threats. It features signatureless anti-exploit, anti-ransomware, and anti-hacker technology, plus beautiful visual rootcause analysis and advanced malware cleanup. 

The easy way to stop complex IT threats

New Sophos Intercept X gives you unrivalled protection from today’s complex, sophisticated attacks. This next-gen endpoint solution lets you stop ransomware, block zero-day threats, remove all lingering traces of malware from your system, and understand attacks with root-cause analysis. It runs alongside endpoint solutions from Sophos and other vendors to provide a powerful additional layer of security. 

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Stop ransomware with new Sophos Intercept X

Ransomware is set to cost organizations over $1 billion in 2016 alone. New Sophos Intercept X gives you the best anti-ransomware protection on the market. It automatically stops ransomware attacks as soon as they’re detected and rolls back damaged files to known and safe states. Learn more

Save time and money with Sophos Intercept X and Root Cause Analysis

Get to the bottom of complicated attacks fast with the Root Cause Analysis feature found in Sophos Intercept X. See how attacks got in, what they’ve infected, and anything else they’ve touched so you can be sure to thoroughly neutralize them – all with an easy to use, easy to understand interface.

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