Telephone Systems Installation & Maintenance

Minerva computers are nationwide installers and maintainers of telephone systems for business, specialising in the Avaya IP Office communications platform, as well as Microsoft Lync and Draytek PBX systems.

Whilst we fully understand telephone system installation and maintenance, we perhaps, more importantly, understand business and we are sensitive to the challenges faced by businesses today, from the two-person start-up company to the 500 user SME. We can provide a comprehensive solution for your office and business telephone systems, managing the whole installation and maintenance process. Talk through your specific requirements with one of our friendly staff members by clicking here

Key Features

Many people have heard the terms VOIP, SIP, IP Telephony, and Unified Communications bandied about, but few understand what they actually mean to the end user, or, more importantly how any of them would or perhaps would-not benefit your business. At Minerva, we take a different approach. Rather than simply bombarding you with the features of the latest technology, we look at your business processes in order to ascertain whether it might be possible to enhance and improve them with the use of those features. Simply replacing an old office or business telephone system with an all singing, all dancing new one is a waste of time and money, unless it enables you to change and improve the way you work. Whether you are moving office, adding sites or going global, our highly trained management and technical team have the capability to ensure a smooth transition. Even if your company is shrinking now is the time to look closely at how a better infrastructure could enable you to work more efficiently with fewer people and lower overheads.

Some key benefits of a new business telephone system might be:

A reduction in running costs

Automation of common processes and services

Automatically prioritising calls

Better customer-facing appearance

A reduction in telephone call charges

More efficient call handling

A reduction in time wasted trying to locate people

Efficiently working from home or on the road

Our business telephone systems can be leased, purchased outright or bought through a credit agreement. Whatever your need is, contact us at Minerva and we will help you to discover new ways of working that present a true return on your investment.

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From IT emergencies to niggling issues to fully customised software solutions, the Minerva team is ready to help your IT run smoothly, leaving you more time to run your business.