Lines & Calls

Many people don’t realise just what it means to move your calls and lines to another provider and are often under the misunderstanding that somehow being with BT gives you some advantage over anyone else. The reality is that in 2005, when Ofcom was tasked with the process of putting together plans for the separation of BT Openreach (who manage the telephone exchanges, cabling and in fact the entire physical connection of your telephone system to the exchange) from the rest of BT, they put in place requirements for ‘Equivelence Of Inputs’ (definition below).

Equivalence of Inputs

“Equivalence of Inputs” or “EOI” means that BT provides, in respect of a particular product or service, the sameproduct or service to all Communications Providers (including BT) on the same timescales, terms and conditions (including price and service levels) by means of the same systems and processes, and includes the provision to all Communications Providers (including BT) of the same Commercial Information about such products, services, systems and processes. In particular, it includes the use by BT of such systems and processes in the same way as other Communications Providers and with the same degree of reliability and performance as experienced by other Communications Providers”.

Sip Trunks

Reduce the cost of fixed telephone lines by piping your voice traffic through a data connection. With a good quality data circuit such as private ADSL, EFM or a leased line, we can ensure high quality telephone line services using SIP technology. This appears to the telephone system as an ordinary telephone line, but enables severe reductions in the cost of line rental.

Leased Internet

We offer many methods of leasing high-quality, fast and reliable Internet services, including ADSL, SDSL, EFM, fibre circuits, wireless, 3G and much more. By looking closely at your requirements we can assess the availability of services in your location from a number of sources and provide you with the most cost-effective solution.

Private Circuit

We can provide you with your very own private cloud, integrating various types of services including ADSL, FTTC, EFM and 3G+. If you have a need to connect remote offices or even homes, then we have a solution for you and it is likely to cost a lot less than you think. Services are fully managed and high-availability, with excellent levels of service and quality.

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