Minerva’s custom software development services for small and medium-sized business enable you to get the most out of your specification and budget. We work with you to give you the most comprehensive, efficient and cost effective solution to your business’ software requirements.

Since 1983, our team of experienced custom software developers have been catering for a multitude of businesses, saving them money through employee efficiencies and offering ultimate business control. Having a bespoke application built, entirely to your specifications, allows you to maximise work efficiency and operate tasks and projects smoothly. You can count on our experience and proficiency in software development to help your business succeed.

"Because of the enormous variation in our customers' business sectors, we are uniquely able to quickly understand your business model and develop a solution to maximise your productivity and save you money."

Development without the Hassle

A completely custom software development service with a dedicated project manager on hand at every, step to ensure your business’ development project runs smoothly. The Development Services we offer include:

  • Consultancy – time spent together to allow us to understand your requirements, discuss resources available to you and find out about your business processes
  • Project Planning – Project Specification Document created and reviewed to include:
    • Exact requirements
    • Timescales
    • Project stages
  • Development – the Minerva team develop the software as per the Project Specification Document
  • Training – training is available so that your team are fully in control when the software goes live
  • On-going support – Minerva provide on-going support for any development project to ensure your new system is working at its best

A Dedicated Software Development Team

Our Software Development team provide user-friendly and highly targeted software development solutions. This, alongside a dedication to customer service and years of experience, ensures you are provided with intuitive custom software which truly brings value to your business.

Our Software Development team are particularly adept at integrating and automating any disparate systems you may have within your business.

We manage the entire implementation process and are on hand to provide on-site training and telephone support.

Our Solutions

We offer a wide range of development solutions, some of which include:

  • Microsoft.Net Solution
  • SQL Server Development
  • Integration tools
  • Web Applications
  • Windows Applications

  • Server Services
  • Delphi
  • Access and VB & VBA
  • MS FoxPro

Key Features

  • Custom built software to your unique requirements
  • No bloat, just fast and easy to use resources
  • Integrate with your existing systems
  • Ensure compatibility with new and emerging hardware

  • Develop your own custom software
  • Increase efficiency and cut the cost of ongoing software/license changes
  • Cherry pick the best features from all your favourite software

Ideal For

Any organisation looking to:

  • Extend the functionality of their existing software
  • Bridge the gap between systems
  • Fill a process void
  • Deliver a solution to gain a competitive edge that “off the shelf” packages do not meet
  • Save money through employee efficiencies, ensure accuracy via seamless flow of data through your processes and ensure ultimate business control

Case Studies

A customer in the beauty industry had separate warehousing and accounting applications. The process of notifying the accounts department that an order had been dispatched was being done manually via email so that they could then locate and convert each sales order to a sales invoice in their financial system. Our custom business software development team wrote a Windows service that automatically retrieved deliveries from their warehouse system, connected to the financial application and then located and converted the orders to invoices. This greatly reduced the amount of work the customer had to do by hours each day and removed any possibility of user error, streamlining business processes.

A manufacturer and distributor of motor accessories purchased a bagging and labelling machine to speed up the despatch line in the warehouse. Our Software Development team devised a solution that loaded the picking document into the bagging machine and then generated consignments with the chosen courier. As the bagging machine scanned a picking note, it would print and apply the relevant couriers label for the consignment and the order could then be updated as despatched. As a result, the customer was now able to process five times as many despatches per day, increasing efficiency and ensuring accuracy.

If your business requires custom software development, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your specific requirements with a member of our team. Or, look at our existing business software packages, as we may already have something that can help your business’ processes become more streamlined and easy to manage.