Network Design Services

Network design and configuration is essential to the smooth operation of your business, but many SME businesses don’t have an in-house IT department.

That’s why Minerva offers network services for small to medium sized businesses, providing professional advice and assistance, as well as on-going IT support, to keep networks fully operational.

Your office network configuration can be made up using servers, PC hardware, routers, cabling, switches and wireless access points. As well as this there may be external devices and software such as cloud backups, mobile phones, tablets or laptops.


While a lot of companies just add components to their network as they grow, it is important to ensure that the setup can handle additional requirements. For example, if you originally purchased hardware which was only meant to support 10 users but then kept adding more and more components to your network as you expanded, this will have created a bottleneck.

Additionally, if any part becomes broken, or was wrongly configured in the first place, you could begin experiencing problems such as slow internet connectivity, or worse still, risk compromising the security of your data.

At Minerva, we can proactively monitor all critical hardware to identify small problems which could escalate into more serious ones and undertake regular network reviews to ensure that your systems continue to meet the ever-changing requirements of your business.

Minerva will sit down with you and discuss your IT infrastructure in depth and identify where improvements can be made to benefit your business. Our consultants can design plans for a wide area network that will meet your business needs. We also offer a free network health check audit to ensure that everything is running at its optimum within your business. Contact us if you would like to know more about any of these offerings or even if you would just like a quick chat to discuss your options.

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From IT emergencies to niggling issues to fully customised software solutions, the Minerva team is ready to help your IT run smoothly, leaving you more time to run your business.