More and more businesses are looking to adopt a new generation of cloud-based accounting Software as a Service (Saas) solutions. Cloud financial management solutions enable organizations to manage their financial and business accounting software in the cloud. As the data is hosted online, users can access the accounting software anywhere and at anytime, giving your business greater flexibility and improving efficiencies.

Cloud based finance and business accounting software is ideal for organisations looking for a solution that will support their future growth and improve business efficiencies.

Cloud accounting software is also very affordable. As it is subscription based, businesses are able to predict their future expenses.

Unlike traditional on-premises systems, software is automatically updated so you will always be using the latest version.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting Software

  • Save time using one fully integrated system
  • Access anywhere, anytime – all you need is a mobile device and internet connection
  • Increased visibility of reporting and business data
  • Pay on a subscription basis – save money by spending on one affordable SaaS solution
  • Flexible and scalable – choose the features you need now, and tailor the solution as your business grows
  • Software is automatically updated, meaning you are always using the latest version

Migration is Simple

Whatever your current situation, the experts at Minerva are on hand to guide you through every step of migration, ensuring that the process is as seamless as possible and pain-free.

Cloud Financial Management Software is Ideal For:

  • Any modern, small to medium sized organisations with up to 500 members of staff
  • Any industry sector; with specialist ERP and manufacturing/distribution MRP software solutions also available
  • Organisations who want a system that offers one integrated view of their business and need a cloud-based system which can be accessed anytime, anywhere