Exchequer Payroll

Exchequer payroll is perfect for Exchequer Accounting software users who want a system that fully integrates with their Exchequer software and allows payroll staff to run payroll more efficiently and effectively.

Key Features

Multi-user, with Company and Group password control and menu-level access restriction

Has a large library of reports

Easy to produce bespoke reports

Past payslips available on demand

Comprehensive audit trail

Quick amends come with global updates

User-defined data import and export facilities

Management information can be obtained quickly and easily

Online filing at year end

Auto absence calculation for SMP/SAP/SPP and SSP

HMRC accredited

Send and receive in year changes via HMRC gateway

Many pre-defined BACS and accounts links set up

Up to 25 user-defined fields for ultimate flexibility

Optional Spreadsheet Import facility for fast data entry

Spreadsheet Import

Exchequer’s Spreadsheet Import facility gives you the advantage of only having to enter the data once, so you can get on with the payroll run rather than having to re-enter data sets.

Templates can be set up that link with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets which will allow you to import only the exact data that you require. For businesses with lots of variable pay information this is very useful for being able to make sure only the data you want is used. Data can also be shared between the various systems of Exchequer software that you use which will save your staff time and simplify the process.

Ideal For

  • Any industry sector
  • Growing organisations with 1-1000 employees and multiple companies
  • Exchequer Accounting Software users that want to be able to efficiently handle their Payroll

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