Exchequer Document Management software helps businesses digitalise and streamline their existing document processes to increase efficiency and reduce paper usage. It is a highly scalable solution that allows users to turn their office into a paperless environment and do more work with less resources.

What Does it Do?

Exchequer’s Document Manager is able to capture and index all of your business critical documentation, and allows for the organisation to automatically archive all the accounting documents including invoices. If the security of this information is also important to your organisation, user access rights can easily be administered.

Speed Up Overdue Payments and Automate Cash Collection

With Document Manager you don’t need to spend time posting documents, making copies of sales invoices or spending time searching for original orders. The process is completely automated which means that your finance staff can focus on actively chasing payments.

Integrates Seamlessly with Exchequer Accounting and Business Solution

This allows for even more efficiency and provides an ease of access to the source documents, for example the purchase orders, by making them instantly available and universally accessible.

Key Features:

  • Centrally manages document security
  • Link documents
  • Compliance with freedom of information and data protection legislation
  • Powerful document search
  • Complies with HMRC regulations, admissibility of data in courts

Ideal For

  • Any industry sector
  • Any business size, suitable for use in a single department or across the whole business
  • Exchequer users who want to maximise the efficiency and functionality of their business solutions