Pegasus XRL is a powerful business intelligence tool that enables users to link Microsoft Excel with Opera 3. This ability allows you to import your live financial data into a familiar spreadsheet and provides accurate information to give your company enhanced analytical power, for better decision making.

Accuracy and Security

Before you can even start to use, XRL you will need to log on. This is an important feature because it means that the system checks your user rights before allowing you access to the sensitive date. This is to ensure that only the relevant personnel are able to access this information. Pegasus XRL displays financial data that has been directly extracted from Opera 3. Not only is this a more efficient way to obtain the data but it also eliminates the input errors that can occur from manual spreadsheet use.

Writeback to Opera 3

Pegasus XRL has a useful data send facility which allows you to take the information that you have prepared in Excel and then write it back into Opera 3. This means that information such as nominal budgets, price lists and stock adjustments can be entered with minimal effort.

Data Cubes

Further reporting power is provided by powerful multi-dimensional analysis tools such a cube analysis and pivot tables. The key to what makes data cubes so effective is that the information can be manipulated in many ways for a quick and effective view of trading conditions. Pegasus XRL provides an easy way of working with data cubes so that data analysis can be undertaken rapidly and with the minimum amount of fuss.


It’s a cost effective analysis tool
Significant time savings compare to manual entry of data
Accuracy of data transfer which ensures accurate results
Data can be presented in graphical form so that it’s easier to understand
Powerful analytical tools provide instant management information which can be used for forecasting

Ideal For

  • Any industry sector
  • Growing organisations with 1-50+ users
  • Opera 3 users who want to be able to better analyse their financial data and gain critical insights into the performance of their business