Empower you and your colleagues with a multi-dimensional view of your business, in real time. Using data from multiple software solutions across your organisation, the analytics module for Exchequer delivers unrivalled insight and analytic capabilities on any device.

Panintelligence Self-Service BI and Analytics

Panintelligence Business Intelligence dashboards are the driving force behind Exchequer Analytics Pi which gives decision makers across your business easy access to key business data in Exchequer. Pre-configured dashboards give users highly visual charts and graphs which makes any data in Exchequer easy to understand.

The Panintelligence dashboard also allows you to connect up different sources of data in your business so you can get a joined up view of how your business is performing. Solve the problem of data silos with a single source of data and access to data on any mobile device.

Increase Efficiency and Profitability

Easy access to the critical data in your business is important as the volume of data increases. Dashboards give users simple, interactive tools which allows them to explore and visualise data in a way that makes it easy to understand.

Get a 360 Degree View of your Business

Panintelligence BI Dashboards allow you to connect up different databases within your business. So, whether it’s finance, sales, job costing, warehouse or support data you can get the answers to business questions from a single source of data in an easy to use format.

Powerful Reporting

Sharing data securely across teams is easy, or with third parties such as stakeholders, suppliers or regulatory bodies. Reporting directly from the Panintelligence dashboards, can help you meet the needs of internal, statutory or regulatory reporting requirements. Different views of the same data ensure users have relevant data to make business decisions. Automated reporting can be set to burst reports out to users to a schedule, removing reporting bottlenecks and duplication of effort.

Real-time Data Enables Businesses to be Pro-Active

Our dashboards deliver real-time data so you never have to wait for reports again. Set email alerts when KPIs are met or when critical business thresholds have been met. Never miss a sales opportunity or fail to supply again.

Interactive Business Intelligence

Analytics supports drill-down with interactive filtering, enabling you to analyse, at a detailed or top-level business view, all your core data including core financials, stock, customer and supplier KPIs. With its unrivalled ‘view’ and drill-down capabilities, you can be confident in making informed, all important business decisions faster than ever.

Access Data on Any Device

Your field based teams can now get access to data when on the move. Fully responsive dashboards enable data access on mobile, tablet or desktop so that your field-based teams can make decisions while out of the office.

Ideal For

  • Any size of business
  • Any industry sector

Pre-configured dashboards for Exchequer Analytics are a scalable solution suitable for any size of business, quick to implement within days and easy to maintain.

Connect Exchequer data up with any other database in your business for a single source of business data


Fully responsive dashboards across any device

New look and updated Exchequer chart library including mapping

Access even more important data which now includes:

  • Project/Job costing data
  • Timesheets Analysis
  • Project Status