Thirty years on from the world’s first cyber ransomware attack, cybercriminals continue holding organizations hostage, maliciously encrypting their files and demanding hefty ransoms for the safe return of the data. Indeed, while headlines come and go, ransomware remains stronger than ever, with six- and seven-figure ransom demands now commonplace.

This whitepaper from Sophos explores the reasons behind ransomware’s longevity, including the factors that have enabled it to get faster, smarter, and deadlier over the years, and what we must learn from this history if we are to minimize our risk of attack in the future.

It also dives into three new areas where the dirty tentacles of ransomware are starting to take hold, enabled by recent changes in technology and society.

Finally, it looks the technologies and behaviors organizations should adopt to ensure they have the best possible defense against ransomware and showcases how Sophos can help.

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