is a dashboard and visualisation solution that provides highly customisable embedded business intelligence for any software application

Solve all your reporting and data access challenges with one easy to use dashboard solution – Panintelligence BI Software. 

Panintelligence BI software allows you to gain a multi-dimensional view of your business, anywhere, any time, and on any device. It offers intuitive dashboards comprised of real-time and third-party data from all business areas, allowing you to drill-down into different data sets and patterns, comparatively or by exception, for instant analysis, meeting evolving business demands and driving business performance.


pi Dashboard

pi from Panintelligence is our easy-to-use business intelligence and dashboard reporting software. It is a single reporting tool which can show data from multiple sources in one place.

  • Interactive pi Dashboard delivers real-time business insights
  • Connect to any/multiple databases – allowing you to access to all your data – in one place
  • Visualise and interact with your data in real-time – anywhere, on any device
  • Highly secure and GDPR ready

pi Reports

With our embedded and business intelligence reporting you can schedule and automatically generate a snapshot of key insights for your stakeholders. The business intelligence tools allow you to include graphs and data that can be automatically updated and personalised to include your own annotations and scheduled to the minute.

pi Predicts

Our SaaS predictive analytics module allows you to challenge your assumptions and understand your successes. By utilising your existing data, you can challenge your theories about your customers – their behaviours and characteristics to unlock the unknown. Compare current results against previous predictions..


What does a self-service Business Intelligence solution look like?

Embedded BI with Panintelligence

Embedded BI: An Introduction to the Panintelligence Dashboard

Scheduling Reports in the Panintelligence Dashboard

Security in the Panintelligence Dashboard

Pi Analytics Demonstration

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