What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships enable students to work and study towards a qualification at the same time. The apprentice will receive a salary, whilst also benefiting from on-the-job training, and set study days every week.

What Are the Benefits of Apprenticeships?

With apprenticeships, you receive a mixture of work experience and theoretical knowledge. Being an apprentice means you are entitled to benefits like every other employee, this includes holidays and sick pay. Also, unlike many other qualifications, you do not have to pay for the training, in fact – you get paid instead! The qualifications gained are very credible and are recognised across the nation. Many apprentices claim that the skills they developed through their work experience significantly helped them to do better in their exams.

Apprenticeships at Minerva

‘We launched our apprenticeship scheme in 2016. It is the ideal way to begin a career for young people from the local college. We start our apprentices in the First Line support department as it is a good training ground and starting off point for people beginning in IT. Oaklands College provides us with a source of young people who are maybe looking for an alternative to university. Candidates are generally IT literate and are therefore self-starters.  Our objective is to mentor them and give them an opportunity in a customer facing situation which will help them to develop their personal skills, and hopefully help them to progress to a senior level.” John Chadwick, Managing Director.

What Happens Once the Apprenticeship is Over?

‘Most of our apprentices have developed into permanent positions and have stayed with us for several years. Apprenticeships at Minerva allow candidates to gain lifelong skills and experience which have proven to be invaluable in a business environment.’ John Chadwick.

Speaking to Our Very Own Apprentices

James Fisher

Since being a young child, James had always wanted to work within IT. James was a student at Oaklands College in Hertfordshire, studying hard for his Level 2 qualification in IT. After hearing about Minerva’s apprenticeship scheme, James took a chance and contacted Minerva. After an outstanding interview, James secured an apprenticeship and that was the start of his exciting journey.

‘I chose to go down the apprenticeship route because it allowed me to gain first-hand experience in the industry rather than simply just gaining theoretical knowledge. I found the experience to be very eye-opening and was lucky enough to have a team willing to help guide me over every hurdle I faced.’

James started as an apprentice in December 2019, since then, he has passed his exams, received his qualification and has since become a full time employee at Minerva! Well done James!

Tom Munn

Tom began his journey at Minerva by partaking in work experience ‘As part of my Computing Course at Oaklands College, I was required to do two weeks’ work experience within the IT industry.’ Tom demonstrated his hard work and commitment and was initially offered a part-time  position at Minerva, whilst continuing his studies.

‘I was fortunate enough to gain a position at Minerva after my work experience had ended. Working two days a week was perfect as I also had college three days a week. I learnt a lot within a short space of time and I just knew I wanted a future in IT.

Tom has since joined the team on a full-time basis andworked his way up as a Network Consultant ‘Minerva have been great in helping to shape my career path! I was lucky to have had such a great opportunity.’

Kaine Sullivan

Kaine began his career at Minerva back in 2016 when he started off as an apprentice working for the first line support team. ‘When I started my apprenticeship, I had a strong interest in IT and I wanted to develop this skill. The apprenticeship was a great way to apply my knowledge and develop my skillset furthermore.’ Five years later, Kaine is still at Minerva and is a key member of the programming team. ‘Minerva helped me to build a strong foundation and pursue an excellent career in IT.’

Minerva’s Future Plans

Minerva is currently hiring IT apprentices from Oaklands College to work within the networking team, as part of our ongoing development strategy.

‘All young adults deserve a good start to their working life. By providing such opportunities, we can give our apprentices knowledge and practical experience which will stand them in good stead for their future careers, hopefully in Minerva.’ John Chadwick.

About Minerva

With over 35+ years’ experience in the industry, Minerva has a wealth of knowledge and skills, and continues to plan and build for the future. To find out more about our services and how we can help you, give us a call on 01707 607100 or drop us an enquiry and we will get back to you.