Terms and Conditions of Support Services

Software Support / Network Infrastructure Support

Agreement Conditions

1. Any agreement in place is between Humber-Thames Marketing Limited, trading as Minerva (“We/Us/Our”) with company number 01803671 and principal address of Orchard House, Mutton Lane, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 3AX, UK. and any individual or company with whom Minerva is in contract with (“Customer/You/Your”).
2. Where referred to, Software means specified programs and manuals relating to programs supplied or supported by Minerva, whether under licence or not.
3. Our Support agreements will automatically renew on the anniversary date which will normally be annually unless otherwise agreed. The agreement renewal date will be made clear on support invoices.
4. The agreement may be terminated by the customer by giving Minerva a minimum of 90 days’ notice in writing prior to the first period for which a support or maintenance charge is made (usually annual renewal unless otherwise agreed).
5. Payment of a support charge shall be due and owing on the commencement date of any period during which a support charge is payable.
6. Minerva agrees to provide the following support and maintenance service providing the Customer’s account is paid up to date:
– Advice and assistance on difficulties experienced by the Customer relating to the software or hardware. Such advice will in the first instance be provided between the hours 08.30 – 17:30, Monday to Friday. On-site support will be provided as necessary, and response will be within one working day. Minerva reserves the right to and would normally charge for any on-site support. Support outside normal working hours above may be available but will be charged at a premium rate to be agreed but usually at an additional 50%.
– Assistance may be provided by remote dial in to the Customer’s system. Provision for this service will be supplied by the Customer in terms of infrastructure and software in agreement with Minerva.
– If appropriate, maintenance of documentation for the software in accordance with the procedures of the relevant software authors.
– The regeneration or replacement of any part of the software (not data) which becomes inoperative due to hardware or software malfunction.
– To make available to the Customer, the latest modification and enhancement to the software. Where the software authors apply charges for the new releases, Minerva reserve the right to pass these charges on to the Customer for new issues.
7. The Customer shall ideally provide a suitably trained, qualified and experienced person to receive information and operate the system locally. In the absence of such a person Minerva reserve the right to charge for remote support.
8. Minerva shall give maintenance and support top priority and in this respect response will be performed in-line with stated SLA’s. Minerva shall not be liable for the delay or any non-performance of any Software that is outside its reasonable control.
9. Please note that Minerva is a Software Value Added Reseller and has existing and long-standing relationships with many Third parties. Some Licences are supplied by Minerva in accordance with current Terms and Conditions of those Third parties, which may take precedence over Minerva’s own.
10. Minerva is flexible and support is broadly defined as diagnosing/fixing something that was working previously but has stopped working. A support contract entitles the customer to a 4-hour response to server/network wide issues and an 8-hour response to workstation issues. Where appropriate this would normally include travel time. These are the accepted standard service level agreements (SLA), unless specifically stated in superseding agreement.
11. Minerva does not provide any hardware maintenance other than in conjunction with a manufacturer’s warranty. Minerva will assist in third party liaison as required.
– In the event of a complete server hardware failure and providing that a backup/disaster recovery plan is in place, then Minerva undertakes to retrieve the infrastructure situation within the Support contract and at no cost to the client.
12. Although Minerva supports the installation of anti-virus and anti-malware software any problems caused by malicious code (i.e. virus, spyware, malware, adware, worms, Trojans etc) are not covered under any support contract and all time, whether remote or on site, is charged at standard rates.
13. Cybercrime is an increasing threat to all businesses and vigilance is key. Minerva cannot accept any responsibility if you or your customers transfer funds to the wrong back account. Always speak to Minerva if you are in any doubt before transferring any money. Always be suspicious if you are asked for your bank details or asked to change customer/supplier bank details. Be aware of potential scams and phishing emails, including opening attachments or links. Please be aware that a phishing email may contain a fraudulent phone number and/or email address. Minerva will not change our bank details without telling you by letter or in person. Any incorrect payments made remain your liability.
– Minerva recommends Cyber Essentials certification, an effective, Government backed scheme that will help you to protect your organisation, whatever its size, against a whole range of the most common cyber-attacks. For more details, please contact us.
– Minerva also stresses the need for staff awareness regarding the threat posed by cybercrime, and strongly recommends relevant training is in place and regularly assessed.
14. Minerva is flexible and will provide telephone support and where possible dial in to diagnose and attempt to fix systems that have stopped working or functioning as expected. Please see inclusions and exclusions below.
15. Specific inclusions:
– Server inaccessible
– Email problems
– Backup failure
– Printing issues
– Anti-malware stops updating
– Spam filter stops working
– Internet failure – via third party liaison
– Access from remote offices / remote works
16. Specific exclusions*
– Any fault/fix, installation, or consultancy time on site
– Setting up new Customers
– Changing server configuration, adding new functionality
– Relocating equipment
– Installing new software / enabling new functionality.
– Upgrading Application software or other systems
– New hardware installations
– Escalation beyond initial diagnosis of an issue with a third-party ISP
– Eliminating spam completely
– Resolving problems caused by Customer misuse.
– Training – remote or on-site
– Third-party Application software support

* Unless superseded by a separate agreement.


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