Minerva Online Payslips

The Minerva Online Payslips system provides an easy to use integrated solution to the problem of expensive postal charges for payslips.

With out of the box integration to Pegasus Opera (II or 3), Exchequer and Sage 50 Payroll solutions the online payslips solution automates the entire process of providing payslips via the internet in a secure manner. The system is easy to use and very secure.

The payroll department user only has to save a PDF of the payroll run into a folder on their own network and the automated services provided by the online payslips system, extract each employee’s payslip, encrypt it and upload it securely to the web.

The users’ secure login ensures that it is not necessary to gather email addresses of all employees in advance of using the system: the payslips themselves are not delivered by email. Employees provide their email address as part of their payroll registration process along with their other standard information such as NI number, surname and date of birth. Once their details have been confirmed against the payroll records, the user provides an email address (which can be a personal email rather than a company email address) and password which is then used as their secured login. As a result, the administration duties of the payroll staff are minimal.


Secure log-in system for users
All data encrypted and stored in SQL Server 2008R2
Automated data extraction from the payroll system to securely publish online
Automated data update to change employee’s NI number, Surname etc. when details change in payroll system
Automated extraction and 256bit secured encryption of PDF payslips – only accessible to the intended recipient
Administration log-in for payroll staff to enable global messages to staff and disabling of individual employees
For ease of administration the system can be hosted either on the customer’s own web server or on a remote managed Minerva server

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