Efficient finance function for mid market organisations webinar

Thu, May 2, 2024 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM BST

Don’t miss out on our upcoming webinar! This is your chance to learn how you can become a superhero of finance by harnessing the power of cloud computing. You are often expected to perform difficult tasks with limited resources. But with the right tools and strategies, you can achieve efficiency and take your team to new heights.

During the webinar, you will discover how you can overcome challenges and boost your team’s productivity. You will learn about the Fantastic 4 areas where you can supercharge your efficiency and why you can’t afford to let inefficiency be your Kryptonite. Join us for this exciting webinar and discover why efficiency is the source of your superpower. Don’t let the “haven’t got time” paradox hold you back any longer. Register now and unleash your full potential!

Topics we will cover

  • Getting Serious: How overwhelm can take its toll on your team
  • Efficiency: The source of your superpower?
  • Why you can’t afford to let inefficiency be your Kryptonite
  • The deadly “haven’t got time” paradox
  • The Fantastic 4: Areas where you can supercharge your efficiency


Jon Parnell

Jon Parnell, Commercial Director, Minerva UK will discuss what an efficient finance solution looks like for mid-market organisations. Jon has 25 years of experience in the IT sector, having held Director roles at several UK leading companies in the value-added reseller (VAR) channel. He joined Minerva in 2011 and, having partnered with Exchequer, Pegasus, Sage and Microsoft during that time, he is now truly excited by the game-changing value that iplicit offers.

Paul Sparks from Iplicit

Jon will be joined by Paul Sparkes, Commercial Director, iplicit. Commercial Director for cloud-native accounting software business iplicit, Paul is a respected and well-known software industry professional with 35 years of experience in accounting and business software, helping thousands of organisations through specialist, tech-based consultancy. Previously with IRIS, One Advanced, and Exchequer Software.