Top 3 risks of not having firewalls


As explained in our previous post, where we showcase the different types of firewalls, these network security systems, are crucial for any business in order to monitor the entrance of network traffic. Firewalls will allow or by the contrary, block any suspect of malware to protect against cyber-attacks.

To help you to understand firewalls performance and its importance we have put together a top 3 list of risks that your business can face as a consequence of not having firewalls.

What are the main risks of not having a firewall?

  • Open access: If you do not have a firewall in place, you are essentially leaving your network open to all and accepting every connection into your network from anyone (such as hackers). It is the equivalent of leaving the front door unlocked.
  • Compromised/Lost data: By leaving the network open, you put each and every device on your network at risk. You could potentially allow hackers/ outsiders to the business to gain control of a device or your entire network. This could lead to data corruption or even loss. With data protection laws in place this can result in serious fines and the time it takes to try and recover lost or corrupted data can also cost the business a significant amount of money and time.
  • Network Downtime: As above, by leaving your network open, attackers can easily access your network to shut it down. Getting back up and running again can be a considerable feat involving lots of time and money.

So, how do you know which firewall is best for you?

There is no one size fits all solution and choosing the right firewall for your business often depends on the network and devices being protected, the nature of your business and any legislative requirements as well as your budget. As attacks become more sophisticated, your organisation’s network defences must keep up. A single firewall protecting the perimeter of your internal network from external threats is not enough.

A firewall is a critical piece in the puzzle that is protecting your network and you should not be without one.

Please remember though that a layered approach towards security provides much stronger levels of protection and each device within your network needs its own individual protection as well (for more information, look out for our next article in this series which will focus on Endpoint Protection).

At Minerva, we understand the importance of having a strong firewall that works with your business and its network.

We have had experience working with a variety of Firewall vendors although our preferred solution is Sophos. This choice has been made with very careful consideration based on years of experience and we believe that Sophos solutions are not only best of breed but flexible to suit all our different customers’ needs. They offer firewalls which provide excellent levels of protection and at an affordable cost.

For advice on how to better protect your business and which solutions are the best fit for you, contact us today