Should I upgrade to Windows 10?


For users of Window 7 and 8.1 the upgrade is currently free, so if you are considering upgrading, now is the time to think about doing it.

Our team of engineers has tested out Windows 10 to make sure it is compatible with both Pegasus & Exchequer software. Please note that you need to be using the latest version:

Opera 2 (version 7.44)

Opera 3 (version 2.30)

Exchequer (2015r1).

We would however urge you to check any other key third party applications you use are Windows 10 compatible.

Reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

It’s free and easy – 200+ million users have upgraded
It’s familiar – the start menu is back and has been improved
It’s fast – Windows 10 starts up 28% more than Windows 7
It’s packed with new features – such as a virtual assistant, Cortana, and Microsoft Edge, an all-new browser

Click here to find out more about upgrading to Windows 10.
Are there bugs in Windows 10?

Whenever there are major software releases such as this, it is often a lot simpler to wait a while to make sure all the kinks and bugs are revealed before you upgrade. You will be pleased to know that it appears that the majority of bugs and problems have now been ironed out, so now is a good time to think about upgrading.
Don’t like Windows 10?

Microsoft has built in a simple process to allow you to do this, which allows you to uninstall Windows 10 and reinstall Windows 7 or 8.1.

However this option is only available for a month after you upgrade to Windows 10. You will also need to make a full back up of your data before you begin the downgrade.
Questions or concerns?

Microsoft have produced these helpful FAQ, however if you have any questions or concerns about upgrading to Windows 10, please get in touch with one of our network consultants or speak to your account manager for more information.