Pegasus Mobile Sales – Revolutionise your sales processes


If you have a sales team on the road, Pegasus Mobile Sales is a new application for Opera 3 and Pegasus Web Xchange which, together with the Mobile Sales app for Android, will transform the way your sales orders are taken and processed.

Using the Mobile Sales app on their Android tablet, sales people visiting customers can:

  • Check customer account information, including previous orders and outstanding invoices.
  • Perform stock enquiries for product availability.
  • Take sales orders and submit them via the internet to the back office for processing.

The immediate benefits are obvious:

  • Faster order fulfilment leads to faster invoicing, ultimately increasing cashflow and profitability for your company.
  • Your customers receive their goods faster, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Your sales team can use their time more productively, seeing more customers rather than dealing with paperwork.

For more information, you can read this brief Business Guide. And for further details on what Pegasus Mobile Sales can do, you can download the datasheet

You can also watch this brief demonstration to see how you can link your sales team on the road with the back office using the Pegasus Mobile Sales app: a fast, efficient and easy way to speed up the processing of sales orders.

To find out more about Pegasus Mobile Sales, contact Minerva today on 01707 607100 or