New from Pegasus – Opera 3 Advanced MTD


Most VAT-registered businesses need to use software to submit their VAT Returns to HMRC for VAT periods starting on or after 1st April 2019. HMRC allow you to continue to use your existing accounting software and then use bridging software to submit your VAT Return. Opera 3 Advanced MTD is such bridging software.

Software solution

Opera 3 Advanced MTD is a software application that allows you to have a compliant solution while continuing to use your existing accounting package. You just need to export your VAT return to a data file and then use the Opera 3 Advanced MTD to submit that VAT return to HMRC electronically in a compliant format.

A flexible way to help you stay compliant:

Opera 3 Advanced MTD comes in two variants:

  1. As an integrated module of Opera 3, for existing users of Opera 3 who need to consolidate their own VAT returns with other companies in the group who keep their data in spreadsheets or non-compliant systems.
  2. As a stand-alone application, if your business simply requires bridging software between a non-compliant system and HMRC.

Download the fact sheet here

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