Are your Finance Team Brexit Ready?


With changes such as Brexit and the current pandemic impacting the way we work in the UK, we understand the importance of being compliant, flexible and agile in the present market to ensure your organisation feels supported and prepared. We are committed to helping you in securing and focusing your business and its objectives, whilst realising the benefits of our software solutions.

With this in mind, it is important to ensure you are on the latest version of your Exchequer finance software. This will aid in ensuring you are Brexit compliant and you are experiencing the best of Exchequer (see v13 – what’s new below).

There will be a Brexit patch targeted for release in January. This will work in conjunction with the following versions: 2018 R1, 12.1 and 13.0 only.

If your Exchequer system is pre-2018 R1, you will not be Brexit VAT compliant, and a full Exchequer system upgrade will be required.

If you wish to discus an upgrade please contact your account manager, or email us for more details

V13 – what’s new

With the latest release of Exchequer there are some exciting additions, which you will want to consider.

Enhanced Screen Lists

A new option ‘Enable Enhanced List’ is added in user profile of every user. ‘Enhanced Screen lists’ give users the ability to manage how their data is displayed providing an alternative product look and feel with ease of accessibility. ‘List Options’, provide additional filter and sort options to further refine the data viewed from the screen lists.

User Actions – enhancement to the Multi-Company Manager

For the “SYSTEM” user a new button ‘User Actions’ has been added in User Management screen. When selected, a new window displays various action options like Create, Copy, Update and Delete that can be applied across multiple MCM companies.

Mobile Approval History

A new button ‘Mobile Approval History’ is added in all daybooks. A small window will be opened upon clicking the button which will show different stages the transactions go through along with other information like username and email address of the user and date. This will be visible if the system has ‘Exchequer Mobile’ installed.

Following is a short video (2:31mins) showing all of the above features in action, so click here to see more.

If you wish to discuss an upgrade please contact your account manager, or email us for more details