We would like to inform you of two new important security risks which are currently circulating.

One is ransomware which seizes the files on a victim’s PC and encrypts them. The virus changes the name of the files to its own extension: for example .zepto, which is why in this example it has now become known as the Zepto Virus. All drive letters will become infected including network drives.

We would advise you to take extra precautions when browsing the web and especially when dealing with newly received emails. We would ask you to be ULTRA aware of not opening email attachments unless you know EXACTLY what they are, who’ve they’ve come from and whether you are actually expecting an email in the first place.

This and its variants are new viruses which ALL the anti-virus software vendors are working to stop and trap.

Attachments look like normal document type files but usually ask the user either permission to open, to click a button to enable macros or both.Please do not do this!

If you actually run one of these files, you must turn off/disconnect your machine from the network ASAP. You will then need to check your file shares for any sign of oddly named/renamed files etc. and let us know what’s happened.

It is also imperative that you have up to date backups in place, so please check that you are happy with your backups.

Please circulate within your organisation as a priority.

Additionally, we have seen a rise in seemingly “real” emails with accurate names and email footers asking for payments to various bank accounts. These look very believable. We would advise verbally checking all email payment requests with relevant parties before proceeding. Please be aware.

Please contact the team at Minerva if you have any questions or doubts.