If you’re thinking of moving to the Cloud but can’t get your head around the pros and cons, here are a few simple pointers…

One of the commonest questions we’re asked is: what’s the deal with ‘the Cloud’?

Everyone seems to have heard of it, but when asked to define or describe it, most people are reluctant to commit themselves!

Luckily, the Minerva team are fully clued up, and have put together a simple crib-sheet to ensure that you can talk about the Cloud with complete confidence to anyone who asks!

So, here we go…

What is it?!

‘The Cloud’ is a way of delivering software, platforms, storage, databases and infrastructure from a remote source, obviating the need for capital outlay.

They are, in effect, self-service interfaces that let customers access resources at any time and switch them off when they are not needed.

Technically, it’s a way of providing IT services that harnesses the increasing power of servers and virtual technology that combines multiple servers into one combined entity, and splits single servers into multiple virtual machines that can be powered up or down ‘on demand’.

What does it cost?

Because it can be turned on an off like a tap, or automatically upgraded (or downgraded), you only pay for what you use, but that means there’s less wastage, so it can be better value. The cost is as long as a piece of string, but we can easily measure you up, and give you a precise quote. Just ask!

How safe is it?

There have been some serious data breaches in the past, for sure, but lessons have been learned, and the latest encryption protocols will give you as many levels of security as your business needs.

Will it perform as well as my existing system?

If you choose the right system, it should be equal to or very close to your existing performance levels. As with security, historic issues with network latency have generally been ironed out now, giving you comparable performance, greater agility and a better ROI.

How will I know which cloud computing solution fits my business needs?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so let’s have a chat, and we’ll be happy to advise you on the best option and how to make the most of it.

What are the best things about being on the Cloud?

It’s really efficient and cost-effective, which is great for organisations with limited IT resources and budgets. It’s infinitely flexible, so it makes scaling up (or scaling down) your business really simple.

But there must be some drawbacks, so what do we need to know?

Provided you choose the right Cloud solution, there really shouldn’t be one. However, each option provides better value for some users, so to be clear that you have the most appropriate solution for your business, let’s have a chat, and we’ll be happy to advise you on the best option and how to make the most of it.

For further information about the Cloud, speak to your account manager on 01707 607100 or email contactus@minervauk.com