At Minerva, we work with a range of businesses across the UK of all industry and size, supporting them on their journey of adopting Cloud technology. We understand that the majority of organisations will have questions about how we can help them with their adoption of the Cloud and what hosting their data in the Cloud really means.

Advanced have put together the following FAQ’s to address any uncertainties that you may have as you begin to think about moving to an Advanced Cloud solution.

1. How secure is the Cloud?

Over recent years, the confidence of businesses globally is a testament to the secure nature of Cloud storage. Through 2020, Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) workloads will suffer at least 60% fewer security incidents than those in traditional data centres. *Gartner concluded that the security posture of major Cloud providers is as good as or better than most enterprise data centres and security should no longer be considered a primary inhibitor to the adoption of Public Cloud services.

When you use Advanced’s Cloud services, data is stored at
their secure UK based data centre. Advanced ensure that no customer data is
ever transferred or stored outside of these facilities. Their data centre is
aligned to Tier 3 standards, which offers significantly improved security and
reliability over ‘on-premise’ servers.

2. How often do you back up the data you store?

We understand that your data is crucial, so all data is backed up daily, ensuring that no customers data is ever lost and that you can always recover an up to date version of your system.

3. How are data servers monitored?

The data is monitored 24/7 by experts at Advanced’s IT Services team. By utilising industry standard tools, infrastructure components are monitored to ensure availability and uptime.

4. Is my data secure from everyone else?

Yes. Logical separation exists to ensure that all customer data is completely separate and secure from everyone else supported by Advanced.

6. Does my data leave the UK?

As mentioned previously, the Advanced Data centre resides in
the UK and therefore all data stays within the geographical region of the UK,
preventing potential legislative issues such as GDPR.

7. Do your servers go down often? How quickly can you get back up and running if something goes wrong?

Over the past 5 years, Advanced servers average 99.7% up-time per year. Their team are on hand 24/7 to manage and respond to this and ensure that servers are consistently up and running. Business confidence in the Cloud is improving.

For further information about Cloud technology orBusiness Cloud Essentials, contact Minerva on 01707 607100 or email to

*Gartner Report: Is the Cloud Secure?