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Exchequer is the leading developer of mid-range financial accounting software in the United Kingdom. Exchequer has won more “best accounting software” awards than any of its rivals based on customer experience as well as technical merit. Exchequer’s commitment to providing leading-edge, customer-focused accounting solutions has positioned Exchequer to be the most reputable and successful accounting system in the mid-range market.


Exchequer accounting software equips you with everything you need.

Day-to-day operations become streamlined and efficient, while your management team has instant access to critical information and insight. Solutions are flexible and modular so Exchequer accounting software will support your business as it grows and changes in the future. On top of this, Exchequer allows you to:

  • Save time with a fully integrated system
  • Utilise powerful business intelligence and unrivalled analysis
  • Collate and distribute real-time information automatically
  • Future-proof business accounting software
  • Possess a wealth of resources behind your system

For the full introduction and guide on how Exchequer can help your business, check out the Exchequer brochure here.

Why work with Minerva

Some questions to ask:

  • Have you used Exchequer before and are looking to implement within your business? or
  • Have you outgrown your entry level solutions such as Xero, Sage, Quickbooks and now need more scale and capability? or
  • Are you an existing Exchequer user and in need of more attention and care?

Minerva has an unrivalled level of technical expertise in implementing, supporting and growing Exchequer’s reach within our clients’ businesses. Built over the last 20+ years of working with Exchequer, our experience of fostering happy Exchequer customers is second to none.


Minerva’s Core Exchequer Services

  • Exchequer Refresh Review: a no obligation, consultative review of your Exchequer system, to get more from how you interact with Exchequer, and how Exchequer interacts with your business.
  • Systems’ integrations: strategically link your Exchequer to other parts of your systems’ architecture to increase your productivity.
  • Software customisations: with 20+ years of expanding the functional scope of Exchequer, Minerva’s team of in-house software developers are on hand to help.
  • Exchequer upgrades and migrations: stay up to date, to ensure ongoing compatibilities.
  • Embrace the power of Microsoft SQL: for scale, security, supportability and common platforms, Minerva can help you to move to Microsoft SQL.
  • Reporting review: whether it is making the most of the core tools available (Visual Report Writer, OLE Save Pack to Excel), or tying in with third party Business Intelligence solutions, Minerva can help, advise and implement the right solution for your needs.
  • Ongoing support: with direct access to our responsive team of experienced and highly skilled consultants, via phone, email or online, Minerva will ensure that day-to-day support is effective and efficient.
  • Cloud: want to consider your options beyond on premise? Please speak to us to learn more.

Exchequer accounting software is ideal for:

  • Growing organisations with 10-100+ users
  • Any industry sector, including professional services, hospitality and leisure, marketing and media, recruitment and real estate, with specialist charity, construction and distribution software solutions available
  • Organisations needing an accounting solution to support other aspects of their business operation, including commercials, supply chain management, authorisations, document management and business intelligence.

Exchequer software is considered the best accounting software solution for small business. To find out more about what Exchequer can do for your business or Minerva’s Exchequer support services, please contact us.


Exchequer Mobile

New from Advanced, Exchequer Mobile is a self-service platform available on the move enabling finance and non-finance users to access key business information anytime and anywhere.

Exchequer Mobile reduces the burden on the finance team as non-finance users can access account information and view, edit or raise transactions on the move.

Finance users and management can approve transactions when they are away from the office, meaning they can use their time more effectively and get more done remotely.


Exchequer Analytics – BI and Dashboarding

Empower you and your colleagues with a multi-dimensional view of your business, in real time. Using data from multiple software solutions across your organisation, the analytics module for Advanced Exchequer delivers unrivalled insight and analytic capabilities on any device.

Exchequer Analytics allows users to gain a multi-dimensional view of their business, anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

It offers intuitive dashboards comprised of live data from all business areas and software solutions, allowing users to drill-down into different data sets, specific source data, comparatively or by exception, for instant and meaningful analysis. Exchequer Analytics enables users to meet evolving business demands, optimize decision-making processes and drive business performance through its enhanced business intelligence functionality.

Important Update About Exchequer Accounting Software – Exchequer is now in Extended Support.

Advanced, the owner of Exchequer, have announced their decision to reduce the ongoing investment in Exchequer’s development and move the product into extended support.

This certainly doesn’t mean panic stations for those customers who are on Exchequer; Minerva will continue to support the system, but the product roadmap will now only focus on essential maintenance and key legislative and security work only. Additional users and modules will still be available during this period.

This announcement does not impact the way that your current Exchequer system will function, and support will carry on as normal from Minerva. You may see, or receive, communication from other software vendors claiming that Exchequer is end of life and will no longer be supported, but this is not the case.

If you love your Exchequer system and are happy to keep things moving forward as they are, then don’t worry – nothing has to change. You can keep managing your financials with it until the time comes when you decide you’d like to move on. Whilst an Exchequer “end of life” timeframe has not yet been confirmed, we as your software partner, feel that it is important to not only communicate this important change in status, but to begin discussions around your next finance solution after Exchequer.

As a business and software provider, it is our responsibility to ensure that we present and support our customers with the very best technology to help them grow and operate to maximum efficiency. This is why we have broadened our portfolio to include iplicit, a fantastic cloud-based accounting software that works very well as a cloud-based accounting alternative for many Exchequer users and is proving to be very popular with many customers.

We consider iplicit to be the natural product for many businesses to consider in their planning process. If you are keen to find out more about if iplicit is right for you and benefits it can bring, please book a meeting with Jon Parnell, our Commercial Director to find out more. You can also view the iplicit demo video here


Exchequer Software Overview

Powerful Drill Down Functionality

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