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Document Logistix Document Manager is a highly scalable software suite that integrates with your current systems to centrally capture, index, and store all your business documentation. Document Manager is a multi-award-winning system that provides instant document access to authorised users. Align records management to meet GDPR compliance including rules-based retention policies.


Digitisation Today

Digital business processes are no longer only a means of achieving cost-efficiencies but have become business-critical to achieve systems resilience and facilitate management control across multiple departments and teams, regardless of user location.

According to a McKinsey Global Survey, as a result of the Covid pandemic, organisations accelerated the digitisation of their customer and supply-chain interactions and of their internal operations by three to four years. Key transformation factors included: facilitating remote working, enhancing workflow visibility and assuring data compliance.

A Highly Configurable Solution

Document Manager provides highly configurable digital workflow tools that replace inefficient, unreliable paper-based processes. Document Manager is a modular software suite designed to manage the flow and storage of information centrally. Automation underpins threshold alerts, real-time approvals, escalations and effective collaboration.

Document Manager is widely used in departments such as finance, HR and Customer Services, in every industry sector from charities, logistics and manufacturing to higher education, banking and government agencies.

Efficiency and Productivity Gains Throughout Your Business

Some companies eliminate the use of tonnes of paper in their business by going digital. By reducing the complexity surrounding the management of a mountain of varied document types (invoices, contracts, vehicle documents, GRNs, even holiday requests) organisations enjoy significant gains in productivity.

Instant search functions mean that any data is immediately available and centralisation means that that there is a single, up-to-date version of the truth. Customer queries can be dealt with immediately, which saves staff time and improves customer satisfaction. Photocopying, fax and mail costs are wiped out with the switch to electronic documents. Cashflow accelerates and, with your valuable information assets securely stored, you combine maximum information visibility with minimum vulnerability risks

ROI and Business Intelligence

Nucleus Research, independent researchers measuring the ROI of IT investments, recently reports that 83% of companies reported positive ROI after having purchased document management software. This return is higher than with virtually any other IT investment, and is one reason Gartner Research put document management in their magic quadrant of tools delivering high ROI and low cost of ownership.

The availability of business intelligence dashboards in Document Manager aid management decision making and help to improve productivity and eliminate costly workflow bottlenecks.

Rapid Implementation Across Diverse Business Sectors

Any business that relies on daisy-chained or paper-based processes can benefit from Document Manager centralisation. Our sector-wide customer base includes DHL, Queens University Belfast, the National Policing Improvement Agency, Avara Foods, Direct Wines, Covea Insurance and Hillcrest Housing, among many others.

Digitisation today can be achieved safely and effectively in a matter of months. We can help with transformation by digitising paper records in our in-house scanning bureau, or by migrating legacy data to Document Manager

Next Generation Machine Learning

Document Manager evolves with your business. Ask us about the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning which enable your staff to ‘train’ documents and improve the speed and accuracy of data extraction and document routing.


  • Automatically captures, indexes, stores and retrieves any type of document, with powerful document search
  • Streamlines workflow processes such as accounts payable
  • Centrally manages document security
  • Integrates seamlessly with other business systems
  • Facilitates compliance with GDPR and regulatory legislation
  • Scales seamlessly from single departments to global enterprises

Ideal For

  • Delivered to a varied range of SME and blue-chip clients around the globe
  • Document Manager is an enterprise system that is priced appropriately for departmental use and SMEs
  • Used to improve efficiency in areas from Accounts Payable and procurement to HR records management, as standalone or cross-departmental implementations
  • An essential requirement to meet data compliance and efficient audit requirements
  • Used across multiple sectors, including logistics, professional services, manufacturing, education and housing

2021 Webinar

Document Logistix would like to direct you to a webinar recording that will be invaluable to any organisation considering the next steps in their digital transformation journey.

During lockdown Document Logistix helped a food production company with 7,000 employees to implement digital HR document management from scratch in order to manage 500,000 documents.

The outcomes have been highly successful for the business and its staff. Among the significant lessons learned and discussed in the webinar are that culture change, systems consolidation and company-wide preparedness are key to adoption and success.


Document Management Trends

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