Disaster Recovery Planning

Business uptime is crucial. As a part of our data recovery service, for your business, we understand that continuity is needed to prevent loss of data, time and money and the best way to keep your business up and running is to ensure you have a well thought out and configured network installed. However, what happens when disaster strikes? According to The Department of Trade and Industry, 70% of businesses that suffered a catastrophic data loss were closed within 18 months.

In order to make sure this doesn’t happen to your business, you need an appropriate Disaster Recovery Plan in place. Minerva are well experienced in working with businesses to implement disaster recovery procedures and test these where needed; our data recovery services offer you a stress-free solution for keeping your files safe and secure, on-site and in the cloud.

On-Site Backup

As the name suggests, on-site backups are kept at your place of business. There are a number of different systems that can be used, including external hard drives, tape drives, USB drives, and network attached storage (NAS) drives. One thing is certain, if you have an on-site backup you MUST make sure that the data is also taken off-site – either by physically removing the tapes/USB/hard drives or by configuring your hardware to also send a backup to an off-site location using the internet (cloud).
Minerva offers data recovery services for business across the UK.

The backup system you use will probably depend on the amount of data you need to be able to backup and recover. Most small and mid-sized businesses invest in external or removable disk drives for their on-site backup. They generally have software such as Symantec Backup Exec that manages their backup policies. Typically they perform a daily incremental backup, full weekly and monthly backup. With proper on-site backup, you can recover from data loss due to intentional or unintentional deletion, viruses, and hardware failure, with minimal downtime.

Cloud Backup

Online backup or “cloud backup” allows businesses to have a safe, secure and easily accessible version of their data stored at remote location. Of course, you must have business grade connectivity for this to be a viable backup solution. At Minerva, we are able to advise on the types of data connectivity available in your area and then provide the most appropriate online backup solution for your business.

The Potential Benefits of Cloud Backups are:

  • No need for tape backups (savings on tape drive and consumable purchases)
  • Reliable easy to use backup software
  • Easy to restore files
  • Can be used in the event of mass data loss
  • Low management overhead

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