The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has produced this handy infographic on how to improve cyber security within your organisation.

This advice has been produced by the NCSC  to help small businesses protect themselves from the most common cyber attacks.  

The 5 topics covered are easy to understand and cost little to implement:

1. Back up your data  – take regular backups of your important data, and test they can be restored. This will reduce the inconvenience of any data loss from theft, dire, physical damage or ransomware.

2. Prevent malware damage – protect your organisation from damage caused by malware by: install antivirus software, patch all software and firmware by applying the latest software updates, control access to removable media devices & switch on your firewall

3. Use passwords to protect your data – passwords when implemented correctly are an effective was to prevent authorization access to your devices and data

4. Keep smartphones and tablets safe – remember devices used out of the safety of the office and home need eve more protection than office equipment

5. Avoid phishing attacks – look our for fake emails asking for sensitive information (such as your banking details) or with links to bad websites. 

Small Business Guide

To download the infographic click here or visit business to find out more.