At Minerva, our aim is to help you understand more about software solutions and how they could help your organisation. Iplicit is an exciting new accounting and business management software brought to you by the team that originally created Exchequer®.

Iplicit is the cloud-based Accounting software that is tailored for the frustrated on-premise legacy software user.

Providing greater flexibility and enhanced levels of reporting, Iplicit integrates into other cloud applications and offers a seamless migration path from your existing system.

It is the natural choice for organisations seeking to ‘step up’ to next generation finance software, without losing the functionality they currently enjoy.

Brought to you by the team that originally created Exchequer®

Powerful Reporting

  • Gain greater insight in seconds
  • Design one ‘Enquiry’ and use it for all
  • your reporting
  • Reports, Dashboards and Excel
  • Get one version of the truth
  • Inbuilt Dashboards makes spotting trends easy
  • Use the same simple tool to design reports and form designs

Intuitive Navigation

  • Access from the leading internet browsers
  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari
  • Familiar Modern Navigation
  • Quick Access Menus with Recent History and Favourites
  • User Configurable menus
  • User-defined filters
  • System-wide Global Search feature

Powerful GL Analysis

  • Setup unlimited levels of analysis in GL
  • Flexibility to decide desired number of levels by GL Code
  • Fully configurable ‘Data Cubes’ deliver instant insight without the need for external systems
  • Next-generation multiple userdefinable Tree Views available throughout the product

Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting are at the heart of Iplicit. When it comes to business finance you’d expect any ERP solution to cover all the basics. But you’ll be amazed at the comprehensive breadth and depth of functionality available within Iplicit.

Resource and project management

Iplicit is the go-to place for all your key business information, even pulling in data from your existing systems to avoid any duplication of effort. And being in one central place means you can cross-reference information, run valuable reports and analyse your business efficiently.

Dashboards, reports and enquiries

See the big picture at a glance and get easy access to highly detailed analysis. Iplicit gives you an extensive set of standard reports and graphic analyses out of the box, and of course we’ll set up any others you might need during implementation. And our phenomenally powerful enquiry system and report generator lets you dig down (or up or across) to whatever level you like.

Efficiency, accuracy and professionalism

Iplicit ensures your operations are streamlined, accurate and meet the highest professional standards. Our workflow engine routes and manages responsibilities efficiently and effectively. Scheduling automates processes, saving valuable time daily. Document management puts you firmly in control of vital business documentation, while Iplicit’s interconnectivity gives you instant access to information from wherever you are.

Click here for a quick tour of iplicit. We’ll share what makes iplicit different and importantly you’ll get to see 20 minutes of product demonstration.

Topics we’ll cover in the quick tour:

  • See how the intuitive browser Look ‘n’ Feel makes navigating the solution simple
  • Gain greater insight with unlimited analysis levels in your General Ledger
  • See your GL information like never before with our fully configurable Tree View
  • Save hours every week with Automated Bank Reconciliation
  • Get one single view of your data with our Reporting and Business Intelligence Tools
  • See the next generation of Office365 integration including Excel Add-ins