Pegasus has announced a brand new feature in Opera 3: Personal Data Search. This feature addresses the important issue of providing personal data information when Subject Access Requests are made to Opera 3 customers, and makes it quick and easy to do so.

Soon the rules regarding the data any organisation holds on individuals will be significantly tightened.

One of the obligations on every organisation that processes data will be to respond to any individual who asks to find out what information that organisation holds on them, by providing a copy of that information.

Do you know where that data is stored in Opera 3? Can you easily provide a copy of this information, especially if it needs to be in electronic format?

This is where Personal Data Search comes in: it makes it easy to identify personal data in Opera 3 and present it in the required format, a process which would otherwise take a considerable amount of time. It will be invaluable when you receive Subject Access Requests from customers, prospects, suppliers or employees and need to locate the relevant data and provide it in either printed or electronic format.

Personal Data Search is a chargeable feature.

See it in action

Join Pegasus for a live demonstration of Personal Data Search:

Thursday 12 April, 10am: Register now

You can also download the data sheet here

For more information on Personal Data Search and for pricing details, please contact us on 01707 607100.