Off-The-Shelf Software Vs Bespoke Software

Off-the-shelf software is standardised software which has a number of beneficial features, appealing to a wider audience. Bespoke software is software which has been tailor-made to suit your organisation’s specific business needs. This means that you can handpick the functionalities you want, helping to improve your processes and achieve your company goals and objectives.

Often cheaper to deploy than you might think,  bespoke software has proven to have numerous benefits. In addition to being cost effective in the long-term, the benefits include:

Benefits of Bespoke Software

  1. Complexity Level

Having the software custom-made means that you can decide the degree of complexity. If your team are highly IT competent or you plan on providing in-depth software training, you could choose a more complex system. Whereas, if your staff have limited IT skills, you will benefit from a simpler software system. Either way, you can choose the simplicity level based around your staff’s strengths and your requirements from the software.

2. Thorough Understanding of the Software

With off-the-shelf software, there will always be features your team will not need or know how to use. Bespoke software has been specifically designed for you, incorporating only features that you need. Therefore your team will gain a thorough understanding of the software and know how to best optimise all of its features.

3. Handpick Functionalities and Features

There are no restrictions on the features and functionalities, you can even handpick your preferred features from all your favourite software.

4. Improved Processes

One of the main aims of bespoke software is to improve processes and outcomes, leading to reduced costs and increased efficiency whilst also saving time by automating certain processes. True digital transformation at work!

5. Integrated with Other Software

A major benefit of bespoke software is that it can be designed to be integrated with other software. This means that you can keep the functionality that you use in existing software investments and link the added functionality you need that only bespoke software can provide.

6. Differentiate Yourself

Having your own software enables you to stand out from your competitors and gain a competitive advantage.

7. Scalability

The software can be designed so that it works well in the current working environment but will also be compatible in the future as the company grows.

8. Security

Hackers are less likely to attack tailor-made software compared to off-the-shelf software. Hacking bespoke software is much more complicated and hackers are less likely to obtain the data they require.

What Minerva Can Do For You

We know how daunting it can be making such an investment. That’s why during the initial enquiry stages, we always provide an in-depth consultation with one of our IT specialists. The key is to truly identify your real needs and match the software to meet these needs.

In order to do this, we will discuss your requirements, your overall objectives, the timescale and prices so that you can be completely sure you are making the right decision. With in-depth training and on-going support available throughout, you can ensure the implementation of the software will be a smooth and seamless transition.

Furthermore, we will also demonstrate some examples of bespoke software that we have designed, with feedback from the clients – providing you with that extra peace of mind.

Over the years, Minerva has helped many clients – of all sizes and industries, to achieve their business goals by creating tailor made software packages . To find out how we can help you, give us a call on: 01707 607100 or drop us an email: