You have been using your finance software for years. It performs the basic functions you need. It is reasonably priced and your staff are competent using it, so why would you get a new one?

Like most things, when you are comfortable with something, you don’t see a reason to change it. But, with technology forever evolving, you may be missing out on several features that will really make financial procedures easier, quicker and more efficient. You may also be so accustomed to your finance software, that you are missing all the signs telling you it’s time to upgrade.

If you are experiencing a few of the below issues, it’s definitely worth reconsidering your existing finance solution.

  1. Difficult to Find Certain Data

A good financial solution should make it easy to locate the information you require, if the data required isn’t easily accessible, it’s worth exploring different options.

2. No More Updates and it Keeps Crashing

If you can no longer update your software or it keeps crashing, it won’t last much longer – it’s time to change before it’s too late.

3. Integration Issues

Your financial software should integrate with your other software to improve processes and outcomes. If it’s unable to integrate, you’ll be amazed to see the benefits of integration when you do get a new solution.

4. No Longer Fit for Purpose

As your company grows, you’ll find that you need your finance software to perform new functions. If this is not possible, start looking at new options that are more compatible and scalable as your company grows

5. Flexibility of Working

Traditional accounting software is run off an on-premise server, which means that it can only be accessed in the location the server is stored. With the emergence of remote and hybrid working, it’s important to have a finance system that can be accessed remotely. It is therefore worth investing in a cloud – based system.

6. Leverage Value of Data

Having a finance system that is compatible with business intelligence software will enable you to unlock the value of your data through enhanced reporting. This will help to make more informed and profitable business decisions.

A good financial solution really will make processes simpler, data will be easily obtainable and the software will be accessible from any location. New types of financial software will also be compatible with your other software, enabling you to reap the benefits derived from integrated systems. The new finance system will also require less manual work, freeing up your time so you can focus your efforts on other aspects of the business.

Minerva has an array of knowledge and expertise dealing with financial systems. Contact us for a quick business review and let us find the best financial software for you.