business software

Business Software

Minerva is one of the leading solutions providers in the UK utilising Best of Breed Business Software, Financial, Accounting &  Networking Solutions. The key to our success is understanding the organisations individual needs and requirements, and then applying the most appropriate IT solution.

Minerva has a team of Microsoft accredited Analysts and Developers there to help you make the most from your IT/Software budget. Having both expertise in the leading off-the-shelf software and with decades of combined experience developing and building bespoke platforms – we know that we can find you the best package or solution to suit your needs.

"Coupled with our experienced and celebrated support team, Minerva can help you get under way sooner than you might think and you’ll never need to worry about not knowing what you are doing because we are there, with you, every step of the way." Dave - Tech Director

Key Features

  • Tailored business software packages to suit your needs

  • Full support for complete peace of mind

  • Fast integration with cloud services

  • Constantly up-to-date software with all staff and locations

  • Improved uptime and enhanced functionality

  • Efficient working environment

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