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Complete Security, Without Complexity, With Active Protection

It takes a lot more than antivirus to cover every threat to your business. The Sophos complete security solution reduces the threat surface, protects users and data, stops attacks and breaches, and most importantly keeps employees productive.


  • Ideal for businesses of any size

  • Antivirus, application and device control, NAC, and firewall

  • Built-in web protection and patch assessment

  • Data protection with integrated data control and encryption


  • Device Encryption lets you encrypt laptops and desktop PCs

  • Encryption for Cloud Storage secures files uploaded to web storage

  • Data Exchange encrypts files to remove media for secure sharing

  • Partner Connect lets you manage external encryption products.

  • Protect sensitive data with integrated encryption

  • Prevent information loss with DLP configuration

  • Block the latest spam, malware and evolving zero-day threats

  • Deploy your choice of mail gateway or message server solution in hardware, software or virtual form factors.


  • Remotely lock or wipe a lost or stolen device, control time-wasting or inappropriate applications

  • Reduce IT burden with over-the-air setup and user self-service web portal

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphones


  • Proven web protection techniques to block even the most advanced web threats

  • Compliance and productivity with active policy enforcement for every situation and instant reporting visibility

  • Coverage of your blind spots including automatic proxy blocking, encrypted traffic scanning and call home monitoring


  • Integrated email security, firewall, intrusion prevention and web control

  • Protects wireless networks and provides secure WiFi access

  • Hardware appliance, virtual appliance or software-only available


  • Firewall, VPN, IPS, email, web filtering and app control

  • Hardware, virtualised, software or cloud-based appliance

  • Integrated wireless controller

  • UserPortal lets users manage spam and install VPN Clients

  • Built-in reporting on all models

Complete Security

  • Combines endpoint, data, email, web, server and mobile protection - all in 1 license

  • Blocks malware and controls devices, applications, data and network access

  • Built-in web protection and patch assessment

  • Web protection at the gateway and endpoint to protect users everywhere

Ideal For

  • Any industry sector.

  • Small and medium sized businesses.

  • Businesses looking for a simple solution that can protect all aspects of the company without being overly complicated.

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