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Secure Wi-Fi - Super secure, super Wi-Fi.

The easiest secure web gateway with the best protection is now a lot faster, smarter, and simpler.

Faster, Smarter, Simplers

The latest Sophos Web Appliance release brings several new enhancements:

  • Lightning Performance with limitless connections and 3-7x the performance on existing hardware.

  • Added visibility with a new user activity snapshot and detailed timeline report.

  • Granular controls over common social web applications like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Advanced Threat Protection

With Sophos Secure Web Gateway, you get the most advanced web threat protection:

  • High-performance web malware engine inspects all web traffic in real time.

  • Advanced techniques like JavaScript emulation block the latest web threats before they reach the browser.

  • SophosLabs continuously updates threat intelligence via the cloud, keeping you ahead of new and emerging threats.

Real-Time Reputation Filtering

SophosLabs identifies over 30,000 newly infected websites daily. You’re protected from all of them. Real-time reputation filtering protects you from newly infected websites as soon as they come online.

Customizable Web Filtering

Select from billions of sites in 56 categories to create safe web browsing policies. You can minimize legal concerns around inappropriate content and maximize productivity. You can also set policy by individual users and time, using a variety of authentication options including IP Address, Active Directory SSO, eDirectory SSO, and LDAP.

Protection Everywhere

Sophos Endpoint Protection integrates with both Sophos Web Appliances and Sophos UTMs, providing a unique and elegant solution for protection everywhere. We’ve integrated the full power of web protection into our endpoints. When users leave the office, they’re fully protected on the web without having to backhaul or use a VPN to get online safely.

Flexible Deployment

Sophos Web Appliance is available as a virtual appliance or in a full range of hardware models to fit any business.

Install your Sophos Web Appliance as an explicit proxy or in transparent mode with WCCP support for Cisco firewalls, and easy Active Directory or eDirectory integration. You can also centrally manage multiple Sophos Web Appliances with an optional Sophos Management Appliance for seamless policy replication and aggregate reporting across multiple locations.

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