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Secure Email Gateway - Simple protection for a complex problem.

Email threats and phishing attacks don’t stand a chance with transparent email filtering.

Dedicated or Unified

You can choose a dedicated purpose-built email appliance, or a secure email gateway integrated into your UTM. Both products offer unparalleled message security, encryption, and ease-of-use.

Sophos Email Appliance is ideal if you want an appliance dedicated to message security with advanced DLP and easy policy-based encryption. Or, if you prefer consolidating your network security into a single appliance, Sophos UTM with integrated email protection is for you.

Effective Anti-Spam

Keep your inboxes free of spam and phishing attacks.

  • Reputation filtering blocks 90% of spam at the gateway, before it consumes any of your network resources.

  • An anti-spam engine catches the rest, including the latest phishing attacks.

  • Incoming email is filtered using a variety of advanced detection methods, across dozens of languages.

Transparent DLP and Encryption

Encrypt and digitally sign your sensitive email — automatically and transparently. Stop inadvertent data leakage and make compliance easy with advanced DLP and policy-driven encryption.

Self-Serve Quarantine

With Sophos UTM, you can give employees direct control over their spam quarantine, saving you time and effort.

Flexible Deployment

Sophos Email Appliances and UTMs are both available as a virtual appliance or as a hardware model sized to fit any business. Cluster your dedicated email appliances for redundancy, performance, and easy management.

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