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Cloud Backups

Disaster Recovery

Ensuring you have a disaster recovery plan in place is a necessity for any business. A Disaster Recovery plan needs to be thorough, but also adaptable to a large number of possible scenarios such as pandemics, fires or a long-term loss of internet connectivity. What this offers you is a full back up solution of not just your data but your entire server operating system.

Online (Cloud) backups

Backing up to the Cloud has become the easiest way to securely store your files at an Off-site location. This allows your data to stay intact and available even if your local disks are stolen or your premises get damaged. The main benefit of the Cloud is that it is hassle free for the end user, the software runs in the background so there is no more need to worry about remembering to run a backup and remove the tape.

The Common Cloud solutions

Hybrid Backup Solution

  • Enable your business to utilise the benefits of a physical and online backup.

  • Consists of a local backup within the premise, which is then transferred to the Cloud.

  • Quick and easy restoration on site with no need for fast internet connection.

  • If on premise restoration is not an option (e.g. fire or theft) - your data is also encrypted in the cloud and can be accessed easily and fully restored.

Full Cloud Backup Solution

  • Requires high data connectivity – perfect if you have a leased line with high speeds.

  • All data is encrypted and backed up to the Cloud.

  • Automated – backups run in the background while you get on with running your business.

Choosing the right disaster recovery solution for your business can be complicated and time-consuming so our aim is always to remove the pain from this process for our clients.

Our friendly engineers have plenty of experience in this area and know the right questions to ask and will draft, test and implement the plan on your behalf. We’ll even train your staff to ensure all employees know how it works.

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