cloud solutions

Cloud Solutions

The emergence of Smart Mobile technology means that we are no longer restricted to working behind a desk. Minerva can assist in the transition to truly embrace ‘The Cloud’ and work more efficiently.

Cloud computing has become a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet. The theory is that it allows people to work from virtually anywhere, anytime and on any device provided they have access to the Internet.

At Minerva we’ll help to specify and setup your entire remote, cloud based office. We’re on hand to support if you have any questions in order to make it as smooth a transition as possible.

Cloud Overview Brochure

"We believe we’re moving out of the Ice Age, the Iron Age, the Industrial Age, the Information Age, to the participation age.” - Scott McNealy, former CEO, Sun Microsystems

Key Features

  • Work at any time, from anywhere

  • Remotely access documents quickly and securely

  • Share documents between co-workers effortlessly

  • Fast and friendly setup

  • Safe backups to lessen the chance of inadvertently lost data

  • Speak directly to one of our team, not a machine

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