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Phocas CRM

Phocas CRM is an easy to use, simple and affordable contact management system that can be fully integrated with Phocas Professional. It isn’t unnecessarily complex and it is also intuitive and easy to use. It can be accessed from within Phocas Professional, Phocas Xpress or directly from your browser window – which also means that it can be accessed anywhere and from any device.

Benefits provided for Contact Management

  • Stores information about your customers and contacts which are non-sales related

  • Enables the scheduling of appointments/phone call/tasks/emails both individually and in bulk

  • Has the ability to assign tasks to other people

  • Stores leads/prospects

  • Provides a complete view of a customer from all angles. It has a central reservoir of data, containing information in order to facilitate exceptional customer service. What happened – who made it happen, and who should know it?

Creating Opportunity

Phocas CRM gives you the chance to also analyse your business intelligence data alongside your CRM data. Combining these two means that you can create your business an opportunity by:

  • Correlating customer revenue with customer engagement – e.g. meetings, activities and phone calls

  • Manage and monitor activities by determining which sales reps are booking meetings, sending emails and completing tasks

  • Assign tasks en masse. Managers can analyse declining customers and then assign a task to the owner (account manager or sales rep) of each account. E.g. Call/set appointment/send brochure

  • Send bulk emails – users can determine which customers have stopped buying a particular product and, with one click, send all the primary contacts an email including special offer/discount

Ideal For

  • Growing organisations with 1-50+ users

  • Any industry sector

  • Phocas Professional users who want a simple CRM system that is also effective and provides business opportunity within its own right

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