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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Sales: Establish a 360-degree view of customer interaction and sales opportunities.

Customer Service: Deliver value with integrated interaction and knowledge management.

Marketing: Plan, implement, and measure more effective marketing campaign.

What Microsoft Dynamics CRM can offer your business:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is quite simply the fastest and easiest way to add CRM capabilities to any organisation that uses Microsoft Office or Outlook.

Because it was designed to partner with Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers lower training costs, broader user adoption, less application-switching, higher productivity, and an incredibly rapid return on investment.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can give your employees direct access to customer information through Microsoft Outlook, enabling access to the information they need when they need it, in the office or on the road.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Minerva

As part of the global network of partners we provide local, personalised service—from planning and implementation, to customisation, to ongoing support and training. That means you receive world-class business solutions, from us a local solution provider, and we will be there to provide what you need as your business conditions change and your business grows.

Ideal For

  • Any industry sector

  • Any business size

  • Microsoft Office or Outlook users looking to integrate a thorough CRM system within software that they are already familiar and comfortable with

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